Our Capabilities

Full-service steel fabrication

Periwell is capable to handle all types of quality steel fabrication requirement. We are flexible enough to cater both to high volume runs as well as to small lot size production to serve a diverse range of customers with varying specification and delivery requirements by optimizing our processing to keep cost down and efficiency high.

Metal Cutting

The processing works involve cutting the large plate into the small sizes for custom use.Our production saws and hydraulic shears are capable of cutting the required size out of the thick steel plate in various size, shapes and thickness. The product edges cut by our machines are smooth,clean and burr-free

Metal Bending

Bending process can hep you achieve desired metal shapes. Our hydraulic press brakes can improve bending capabilities by increasing production efficiency and flexibility. They are ideal for series productions of both large and small projects and can perform bending work on a wide range of parts in an economical way

Press Forming

We are equipped with a four-column hydraulic press with a press capacity of 500 Ton. This versatile monster is used to form metal into a wide range of finished products or parts. It can handle varied forming processes like blanking, deep drawing, bending, forging, flangling, punching and shearing and other processes of metal materials. The compressing force achieved with hydraulic presses is unparalleled, it generals such a great deal of force and pressure to create more intricate shapes. As a most common and effective industrial press, it can handle your most fabricated jobs, regardless of its complexity. Welcome to contact us for your specific fabrication needs.

Metal Punching

We have equipped with a six-station CNC high-speed punching production line, which is mainly suitable for punching and truncation of long-length profiles and we have 3 traditional punching machines to do any type of holes punching at different shapes and sizes. Common dimensions for round, square and slotted holes are available. We can also manufacture special punches based on samples or drawings. Each machine has been calibrated to ensure the right quality and precision is delivered to you.

Robotic Welding

Our facility is equipped with specific equipments for both manual and robotic welding.Our certified and skilled welders are very knowledgeable on how to weld a good product from their years’ experience and expertise.They also get trained frequently to ensure your products are welded properly and securely to your exact specifications. Our robotic welding machines on the other hand are more a contributor to increase our production speed and efficiency.They can deliver faster,more consistent,and accurate results capable of reducing the overall welding and fabrication costs. Both our advanced equipments and team’s welding expertise can ensure that we can deliver the top-quality weldments to you each and every time. Uploaded your RFQ today and let us know what we can do for you

Surface Treatment

This usually happens at the end of the fabrication process.Steel often requires coating for both practical and aesthetic purposes.We partner with some qualified and secured metal finish suppliers who are capable to do polish,painting, powder-coating,hip dip galvanization to all of our fabricated parts in order to comply with end-use application requirements.Customized finish will be provided upon request, please contact us to learn what we can do for you.

Roll Forming

Cold roll forming is one of the most productive manufacturing methods for forming metal.Periwell initializes its business with cold roll forming business. Combining our accumulative industry experience and in-depth expertise, we are ready to work with you all he way to provide tailor made steel profiles and sections and most appropriate, efficient cold formed steel production solutions for your specific application