Custom Steel Fabrication

SINCE 2010

Founded in 2010, Periwell Industrial is a Custom Steel Fabricating manufacturer providing quality and cost effective steel fabrication service and products for a decade.

We are equipped with full manufacturing capabilities including cutting, bending, punching, hydraulic press,robotic welding, cold-forming, hot dip galvanization, powder coating and varied finish options. Our main products include but not limited to steel crash guard rails, steel structure,steel frame and support, small or large steel components, cold formed steel profiles and any other steel fabricated products for traffic road safety, agricultural, power & energy, construction and many other different industries.Apart from the steel,we also work with other materials like stainless steel and aluminum and other metals.It’s our commitment to providing consistently secured products and reliable service at most competitive price to our customers globally.

Certified by ISO2001:2015, we follow a solid quality control system which measures and track each procedure from raw materials to the finished goods to ensure goods meet our customers’ quality standard, and abide by the international regulatory compliance.

Whatever your project be, large or small, complex or simple, we have the capability, expertise and experience to handle your request and meet your expectation. If you look for quality steel fabrication delivered on time and on budget, with reliable service of integrity and transparency,look no further than Periwell for tailor-made metal fabrication solution.Welcome to visit and contact us for your specific project needs.It’s our great expectation to see you grow and become more successful because of our involvement. Let’s work together!

What We Do?

  • Steel processing and steel metalwork
  • Steel structural fabrication
  • Welding of carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Fabrication and galvanization for steel components.
  • Metal cutting, shearing, bending, punching, welding, powder coating, hot dip galvanization and any other custom finish you can specify.
  • Metal components and accessories for road safety crash barriers
  • Metal fabricated products for agricultural application
  • Hot dip galvanized steel products
  • Cold formed steel profiles, sections, brackets for transmission powers, solar system and other industrial application.
  • Other specialized needs and metal products as required by our customers.

Our Factory

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Roll Forming

Robotic Welding Area

Hydraulic Press

Robotic Welding Area

Hop-Dip Galvanized

Hydraulic Bending Machine

CNC punching production line

Powder Coating

Discharging Rack

Shearing Machine

Stamping Machine